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Build a Storage Box (or for Bears) Garbage Cans from Yellow Cedar

15 Aug , 2017  

The solar kiln for the firewood had to go. It did its job and dried the firewood, but now my spouse wants it gone. She now wants a bear proof box for the rolling green waste/garbage cans.

Since we get more bears at our city slicker homestead (go figure) it has to be a be sturdy, but budget friendly.

The plan was to build an enclosure on top of a pallet. It would hold two rolling styles of garbage cans.
This is my first time building a box to keep bears out.
Part 1 video

In part 2 of the video series, the walls to the budget box were installed. The wood used was Yellow Cedar fence boards. The planks had a rough surface, but each board was a full 1″ thick by 6″ wide. Nice a sturdy.
I was planning on using an exterior grade plywood, but I could find enough scraps to clad the entire box.

Part 3– The doors were added with the black hinges and gate hardware. Also figured out how to add an easy access lid to the top.

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