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The Weekend Wind Turbine Tower Rustle-Up, Yee Ha!

4 Mar , 2016   Video

Finally, I made some time to put up the small wind turbine tower. The deep cycle batteries in the main cabin needed to be charged. The snow covered solar panels were just not cutting it and not providing the necessary amps to charge the system. It was time to put up the small wind turbine and get some wind power!
Part of the problem was finding a suitable spot that was close to the batteries under the main cabin. I wanted something on the lakeside deck, but not fastened to the cabin. The vibrations from the wind turbine can be a little annoying at time.

small-tower-baseDecided to construct a platform (or a sled) made out of spare 2″ x 8″ joists. I would work it into the existing firewood pile and use the wood as weight. If I needed to move it or add more anti-vibration material, no problem. If I built the base fairly solid and good support, might not need to use guy wires.

Next, was ta 8-foot tall support/guide for the 1.5″ tower pole. Base-2x4-sidesCreated an open box with (2) 2 x 4s and (1) 2 x 6 pieces of lumber. Two 3/8″ diameter holes were drilled into the 2 x 4 for the support bolt and the secure bolt. The thought was to secure it to the cabin, but didn’t have that part thought out yet. Decided to sleep on it and see what comes up in the morning.

The next morning, after a cup of coffee, I devised Plan B. Erect a fairly tall pole (14′ – 20′) behind the base/tower. At the top of this pole would be a pulley (snatch block). A cable would go  As I was searching around for a longer support pole, I looked at all the 40-foot tree around me and thought,” geez, this is what I’m looking for it costs nothing!” Grabbed the chainsaw and hiked out to the bush and cut down a 25-foot tall dead lodgepole pine tree. Dragged it back and removed all the sticks. The easiest way to get the support tree/pole thing into position was to hoist it over the roof and drop it down into position.


Base for small wind turbine

Small wind turbine


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