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The Weekend Wind Turbine Tower- Part 2 – The Hook Up!

25 Mar , 2016   Video

A short video showing some of the basic steps required to hook up a small wind turbine to an off-grid battery bank.

Cord coming out of wind turbine tower

The 12 gauge extension cord runs out of the bottm of the tower.

Cord going through wall

A 1/2 inch hole is drilled through the outside wall to the inside of the cabin.

watt meter running

A watt meter was placed inline of the cable. It will help measure the volts and any potential amps generated from the small wind turbine.

Cord coming from the floor

Cord then run through the top floor to under the cabin. Plan to clean up theses cord at a later date.

Cord coming through conduit

A picture of the cord coming through a grey conduit towards the battery bank. To help prevent drafts, insulation is jambed up inside the tube.


The wind turbine has only two wires that supply DC power to the batteries. Will install 10 amp fuse on the positive side.


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