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The Trusty Table Saw

21 Apr , 2014  

DSC02125Wow! This is the 100th published video on the Cedar Workshop channel. Can’t believe it’s come this far. I’ve racked my brain to come up with a special nogalistic video based on short clips of the last 100 videos, but to be honest, it took too long. So, I went back to the roots and did a followup video about my first table saw.

Many may question, “what’s the big deal”, but if you have ever built anything using just a hand saw or circular saw, I’m sure you can relate to lumber and plywood that wasn’t cut too straight. Once an important piece of wood is crooked, it starts to compound and it throws the project off. A table saw is the foundation of any serious woodworker or do-it-yourselfer. Once you get one, your world is a lot better.
• Made by Rockwell Beaver (1970’s)
• Could use a regular 10″ saw blade or a dado blade
• Cast Iron top with a 22″ fence
• Previous owner installed wheels
• Custom made sawdust shoot for shop vac
• Used it to install engineered flooring, build shelving, cabinets, the workshop and a murphy bed
• Wired for standard 110v household (at 12 amps), but could be configured for a 230 volt at only 6 amps
• It had a Exchange-a-Blade, Razor Tooth, 10″ x 80 tooth blade for laminate flooring and thin material. http://www.exchangeablade.com/
• A 36 tooth saw blade worked fantastic for ripping lumber

It was a great beginner table saw. But, I still had to be extremely careful. There should have been a kick back guard. Only had one 2 x 4 shoot back. I’m glad the motor wasn’t too powerful. Also, I was thinking about making the table wider for cuts.

In the end, the table saw was traded in for an Ice Box from the 1930’s. (See previous video)

If you’re looking to buy one, check out Craigslist for deals, sometimes you can find a complete unit for $75 – $150.

A few more pictures.

DSC02130 DSC02129 DSC02128 DSC02126 DSC02124 DSC02123 DSC02122

Thanks for watching!
Music credit: Phase Three, by Author: Huma-Huma, YouTube Audio Library

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