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The Quest to Stay Warm- Hauling Firewood with a Snowmobile

30 Jan , 2014  

When living off the grid, the main source of heat is a wood stove. Having an ample supply of firewood is a must. Whenever I’m out on my travels, I keep a look out for a trees that would make ideal firewood. The other day, we passed a grove of pine trees that were damaged in a wind storm. There was many “standing dead” Pine trees, about 12″ in diameter. Lucky for me, they had just fallen and easily accessible.

Came back with the snowmobile and chainsaw and cut the trees into 4 and 12 foot long sections. I then used a plastic toboggan to transport the logs. Two 4 foot logs were on the bottom as base and a longer 12 foot log was stacked on top. The sled moved easily through the snow and it wasn’t a strain the snowmobile.

The logs were secured in with a bungee corded and towed for about 2 km (1.2 miles) back to the cabin. The logs were then hoisted, by hand, into a log cradle and cut up into small 14 inch long sections.


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