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The Plan to Build a Wood Fired Cedar Hot Tub

30 Jan , 2013  

Western Red Cedar four hoop hot tub handcrafted by Forest Lumber Cooperage Ltd.

Picture courtesy of Forest Lumber & Cooperage Ltd

For the past year, I been researching on how to build a wooden hot tub. If you haven’t seen one, it’s a six-foot round barrel about 4 feet high. Normally made from vertical laid Western Red Cedar planks that are fitted together. A heavy-duty banding is wrapped around the outside to keep the vertical planks from bursting. A snorkel style of wood stove is used to heat the water up. The stove sits just under the water line. Of course, I could pony up the $3500.00 a buy one. But, that’s not in the budget. The deck at the cabin comes first.

Anyway, after travelling on the internet, came across a story about another dude that wants to do the same thing…

“Hi folks, I am considering taking on the construction of an outdoor cedar hot tub. I want to build it using a joint that I have seen in use by kits I have assembled. The joint is called a canoe joint and it is used on 2×6 edges. I looked online to buy a shaper/router bit set to make this joint and have only found ones that have smaller radius than I need for my staves. Any help you can provide in a source for this bit set would be very much appreciated. Thanks, Jerry”

Round-nose-router-bitround-nose-profileSo, I’m like cool. I’m not the only one. Found a responder and he/she suggested a Round Nose Router Bit by Freud. Freud makes really sweet saw blades, but I haven’t tried the bits yet. Looks like I’ll head down to the local Windsor Plywood store and pick one up.

More to come…

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