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Testing Tower Location and Noise for 600 Watt Wind Turbine

19 Nov , 2014  

IMG_6024Finally had a need for the big wind turbine. This was the 600 watt wind turbine I was working on back in 2012. Never had a use for it until I scored a deal on four, used, deep cycle batteries. The plan was to use this turbine to charge up a separate battery bank for the main cabin. Rigged up a basic tower out of 1 inch, inside diameter, galvanized water pipe. Connected a 3 and 10 foot long sections together with couplings. The main tower was supported by two “legs” secured by a pipe flange to the wood deck. Would like to make the tower taller and add guy wires, but the height will work fine for testing.

The next step was to set it up on the corner of the cabin and see how it functions. Did not want it hooked up to the batteries yet. Just wanted to see how the location at the corner of the cabin works. One of my concerns was the vibrations that travels through our cabin (and eventually our neighbours cabin next door). Also would all the nuts and bolts stay tight?

So, that night, after I got some of the other chores knocked off, carried out all the parts and started to assemble the tower. Used a pulley and a large log as a counterweight. The counterweight made it possible for one person to easy lift the tower. Once it was in place next to the cabin, used a 4 inch U-bolt to secure it to the fascia board. Did not use any rubber material, like an old tire, under the floor flanges. (I was in a rush and didn’t take my time). So, I got it up in place without any problems. The next day, I would keep a close eye on it and see how it does. But, according to Murphy’s law, the next day had no wind. Dead calm. Didn’t get to see it work. By the end of Sunday night, it was time to head back home.

6 Blade and 3 blade

My 6 blade and the neighbours 3 blade turbine

The next weekend, I headed back up to the cabin to finish off a grey water drainage and insulation project (videos to come next week). It was a good weekend, the wind was gusty almost everyday. Nice! Finally heard the turbine turning from inside the cabin. It sounded like the Star Trek Enterprise going into warp drive. The vibration sound started out low and then would reach a super high pitch and back down. But, it was not consistent. As much as I would appreciate the power it would be generating, most people would find it VERY annoying.

Tower-on-deckSo, the next plan is to find a spot to move it too, but keep it close enough to the battery bank. Haven’t found a permanent place yet. Some of the best spots are right in the middle of where people walk are difficult to attach guy wires to. So, the search is still on.

Here’s a link to one of the earlier videos
Part 1- Recycled Mount for Wind Turbine

Thanks for watching!

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