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Update to the Wood Stove Reco Fan (Build #2)- Works Like a Dream!

9 Jan , 2014  

A short video of the wood stove fan made from recycled parts (Reco Fan). Over the holidays, we had it working for 10 days straight on the wood stove. Worked awesome and even managed to push some warm air. The aluminum heat sink on the bottom did a good job absorbing the wood stove heat […]

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Heat and Cooling

Wood Stove Reco Fan (Build #2)

10 Dec , 2013  

Build #2 The second build was a success. It was based on the¬†Instructables guide by the author “tinkerme“. After reading the guide, I had a hankering to try again. **Parts List** – Hot side: a passive aluminum heat sink from a Power Mac G4 466 It’s roughly 3″ wide by 6″ long, lots of fins. […]


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Wood Stove Reco Fan Project (Build #1)

26 Nov , 2013  

For the last year or so, I’ve been puttering around with a wood stove fan. ¬†The purpose of the fan was to push warm air to other parts of the room. It would be powered by a Peltier module. Build #1 The first build, was a bit of a fail. It did generate some power, […]

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