Heat and Cooling

The Joys of Moving Firewood Logs when it’s Super Cold Outside!

17 Feb , 2014  

The project for the weekend was to build an outside fire to warm some pieces of wood splitting equipment. The equipment runs off of hydraulics and the fluid needed to be thawed out. The logs could be split by hand, but they are over 24″ in diameter and the wood splitter would make the task […]

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Wind Turbine Projects

Wood Stove Reco Fan Project (Build #1)

26 Nov , 2013  

For the last year or so, I’ve been puttering around with a wood stove fan. ┬áThe purpose of the fan was to push warm air to other parts of the room. It would be powered by a Peltier module. Build #1 The first build, was a bit of a fail. It did generate some power, […]

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