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Epic DIY Deck Project 8- Rocking Out the Deck Rails

5 Sep , 2014  

The Epic DIY Deck Project is almost finished. Had to finish off the deck railing, add a few more deck boards, stairs and finishing touches. Had the chance to head out to the cabin on the Labour Day Long Weekend. The focus was to get the railing completed and get some close-ups on some of […]

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Epic DIY Deck Project 7: Tips For Deck Boards

29 Aug , 2014  

I took a couple days off my full-time job and worked at getting most of the deck boards down. As I was securing the planks down, I ran into a few problems. For example, I miscalculated how much lumber I actually had in-stock and was short by a 120 lineal feet. Lucky for me, I […]


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Great Lumber Deal, Buying Bulk and Gift Cards

12 Aug , 2014  

The following video will hopefully show people how to find deals on lumber and hardware for big projects. It doesn’t hurt to hunt around the local lumber yards and find materials that at first might look bad, but after some elbow grease, can be new again. The lumber used for this deck project is Western […]

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Epic DIY Deck Project -Part 5- Cedar Decking and a Helping Hand

25 Jul , 2014  

Another instalment of the Epic DIY Deck Project series. The plan for the July 18th – 20th weekend was get the blocking finished between the joists, change out some of the lags screws with bolts, secure the house flashing and start to install the deck boards. The blocking went quickly with two people. The air […]

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The Epic DIY Deck Project- Part 3B- More Joists & Minor Fix

14 Jul , 2014  

Just got back from a weekend of working on the deck. Thought I would give a short update. The plan for this weekend was to get a bit further with the 2″ x 8″ joists. (The joists is what the deck boards sit on) The first step was to buy the (15) 2″ x 8″ […]


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The Epic DIY Deck Project- Part 1- Planning and Digging Holes

21 Oct , 2013  

The Epic DIY Deck Project was the process of building a huge 10 foot wide by 32 foot long deck by one person. It was for our cabin (aka Cedar Workshop Test facility) in the boonies. Since funds were low, and the place is way off the beaten path, a contractor could not be brought […]

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