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Stage 1 of the Cowboy Hot Tub Project

2 Jul , 2015  

Stage-one-of-the-cowboy-hot-tub-700-layersWa-hoo! Completed stage 1 of the Cowboy Hot Tub!
Found a large, used, galvanized, livestock water tank on craigslist for $200. I’ve seen new ones for $350 – $700. It measures 10′ long x 3′ wide by 2′ deep. Holds a bit over 300 gallons. No leaks and it’s in fairly good shape. Originally, I wanted to make a wood hot tub out of Western Red Cedar planks, but the cost of Cedar has almost doubled since last year. Plus, as a first timer, it would probably leak. This way, I can start with a tank that hold water and then add rectangle frame, insulation and dress the outside with 1″ x 4″ Cedar.

Shay-inside-cowboy-hot-tubFor some gas money and a couple hours of his time, a good neighbor, and myself went out and picked up livestock tank with his Ford F150 pickup truck. (I wish I had a truck, it would make life so much easier!)
Plan to use our old Blaze King wood stove to heat the water. (The wood stove actually has water coil that runs through the firebox, but it has a crack in it.) The factory that actually makes the stoves is only 50 kilomters away. Sent an email off to Blaze King, but have not heard back. I’m guessing they are “talk on the phone or visit in-person” type of company. I do have some spare flexible, 1/2′ copper coil. It could be wrapped around the stove pipe. Have to see which is easier in the short turn.

Sadly, since there is a campfire ban on, so the project is on hold until the end of the summer.

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