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Splitting Hardwood Logs with a Ryobi 4 Ton Electric Log Splitter

17 Mar , 2014  

Just before winter, my neighbour took pity on me and gave a heck of a deal on an used Ryobi 4-Ton Electric Log Splitter $100 Bucks! Awesome!

The plan was to use the log splitter at the cabin but, the extreme cold made it difficult. So, I decided to take the log splitter home to the suburbs for a backup. There is plenty of donated wood from the neighbors. I’ve been gathering wood of all shapes and species, including a stack of solid Birch. It has been seasoning for about 2 years and should be ready for splitting. When it was finished, the split pieces would be loaded into a large Rubbermaid tote, transported by car to the cabin for the weekend.
I was doing most of splitting by axe. Picked it up from a big box store.Rockforge-Splitter
Even thou it was advertised as a splitting maul, the fibreglass handle failed near the head.
So back to plan B. Picked up a short 12/3 extension cord rated for cold weather and ran it from a dedicated plug. The plan was to uses I took it home and ran a few big, hardwood logs through it. It worked like a champ and spit everything I threw at it. Some logs took a little bit longer, mainly due to there size. So just had to nibble away on the sides, taking small chunks off.
All-in-all it was faster, easier and safer.
Totally recommend this type/size of log splitter. A was a breeze to plug it into the home electrical socket. A few years ago, I’ve used another brand with the same specs with a generator. The massive Blue Wave 6500 watt generator had no problems powering the splitter. For off grid use, you will need a decent gas generator, like 4000 to 6500 watts and a thick extension cord.Check out he link below for reviews.
Thanks for watching!

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