Solar Power Projects

Side view of solar panel mount


Solar panel mount made from scrap cedar lumber
After finishing the four DIY solar panels, I wanted  a quick mount for the top of the cabin roof. The idea location was to mount it to the water barrels on the roof. The plan was to aim the panels to the south (and through a gap in the trees). Read more…



Pipe T-for solar on a pole

Pole mount solar panel (from scrap materials)
Figured there was a better way to catch all the rays of sun with a rotating solar panel. After a few quick sketches on a scrap piece of paper, I went to the shop and found a bunch of left over plumbing parts and aluminium angle iron. The mount is. Read more…



Going Solar- A silver spoon would of helped to go green 

This my short rant about solar power. When we first purchased or cabin, the only power source was a large 6500 watt contractor generator. Read more…