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Snow Blowing in Winter Wonderland

2 Jan , 2015  

Snow-blower-in-winter-wonderlandSpent the Christmas holidays and New Years at the cabin. It was a real treat when we completed the 4 hour drive and go right up to the front door. My neighbour was so kind to plow out the driveway with his heavy duty, Bobcat skid steer. Made unloading all the cargo so much easier. The weather was good, but a couple of days later, we got another 7 inches of snow. Thought it would be a good idea to take my snow blower out and clean out the 800 meter lane way. It’s a lot easier to remove the snow when it freshly fallen (light and fluffy). If it sits over night or gets flattened by a vehicles, its much harder to clear. It took about 3 hours, but, I took breaks. Occasionally, I would shut off the motor and look around at the pristine, untouched by man. I forget sometimes that we don’t smell the roses. Afterwards, I let my neighbours know it was clear and ready for them to get to their cabins. Everyone appreciate and I was happy I could help out the community.
Happy holidays!

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