Rant: Ad Blocking is Not Good For the Small Blogs

23 Sep , 2015  

google_no-centsWith the rise of the Ad Blocking extension to browsers, I have decided to remove all the ads off the www.cedarworkshop.net Blog.
I know 90% of my viewers and subscribers will be happy with this move. Online advertisements are annoying, the ads block the flow of the story and the reader has to scroll down to see the remainder of the article.
On the flip side, the ads help pay the bills. Hosting the blog cost $10.00/month and the domain name is $16.00/year. I knew there were costs going into the process of having the Blog. The Google Adsense account was more of an opportunity to learn about the process of advertising online. If I could make a few bucks, it would be a plus. When the Cedar Workshop YouTube channel started, in 2013, the supporting Blog generated about $8.00 to $13.00/month. Now, I’m lucky to get 1 cent/month. For that measly amount, it’s not even worth it.

How is this going to affect the Blogs future?
Well, I’ll have to be more resourceful with materials. If a project requires a new part, it will have to be put on the back burner. This will probably tick off a lot of people who want to work on a project and need to know all the steps and material required.

– The weekly videos will be cut back to bi-weekly. It takes a lot of time to edit, design custom thumbnails, descriptions and update the Blog, Facebook, Reddit, etc.

– Add a PayPal donation button. (I really dislike asking for money.)

– Sell a product: A few friends suggested I make some chalkboard sidewalk signs and log rounds on Etsy. I miss building cedar Adirondack chairs and selling them for $80. Costco killed that industry with the folding, pine chairs for $60.00 .

I’m not the only one, I have talked to a number of YouTube creators and they are in the same boat. We will have to see what’s in store.

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