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Part 2 of the Homemade Dump Load for a Wind Turbine

24 Jun , 2013  

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So, with fewer resistors, the layout had to be reconfigured and more copper wires were used to secure resistors in place.
It was suggested by some viewers to lower the ohms by connecting in parallel (positive to positive) to lower the ohms from 100 to 25 ohms.


Came up with three separate ideas for the bus bars. Originally, the clips would be soldered to a wire, but could not get the wires to slick. I was more concerned with the little contact and the chance for sparks. Decided bolt the resistors to an aluminium or copper bar. Could not find an affordable source, so, I located the pipe left over from the bathroom renovation. The bars were made from 1/2″ copper pipe pounded flat. The pipe was easily flattened with a sledge-hammer. Holes were drilled and the resistor clips were secured from underneath.

Ran some tests on a trolling style of deep cycle battery and slowly drained the battery. Note: More tests were preformed off camera with all safety measures in place.

The dump load will be used with the Morningstar TS-60 Charge Controller. It will be configured as a diversion load and will look after battery bank.

The battery bank will be charged by a 180 watts of solar energy and 500 watts wind power. The dump load will be used for in the summer time when the sun is higher in the sky.

Each ceramic resistors was 100 Ohm at 200 watts.

Thank you for your patience and enjoy!

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