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Part 2- Going Off Grid for March Break- Hauling wood, Tour du Cabin & IKEA LED Lights

14 Apr , 2014  

Part 2 of the Going Off Grid for March Break Series
Earlier in the month of March, headed up to the family cabin high in the mountains. It’s always easier if one person goes up first, starts a fire, unpacks and knock a few chores off. Then, when then the rest of the group arrives, spirits are much higher.
This video shows loading up the cargo sled with firewood, hauling it through the bush, tour of the cabin and then a little plug for IKEA LED lights.
Hope this series videos answers a few of the viewers questions.

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Link to the maker of the cedar cabin Pan-abode
Canada: http://www.panabode.com/
Pacific North West USA: http://www.panabodehomes.com/cabin/cabin_kits.php

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