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Part 1- Going Off Grid for March Break- The Drive, First Trip In and Making Fire

3 Apr , 2014  

This video is typical outing to a cabin/cottage located deep in the woods. For many people who are lucky have remote places, the procedure of hauling stuff in from the main road is normal.

Earlier in the month of March, I headed up to the cabin, to get things ready for a family week-long stay. It’s always easier if one person goes up first. Get the fire in the wood stove started and warm the inside of cabin.

The weekend starts out with a 3-1/2 hour drive on a highway. Then, if the weather permits and the road was open, we can take a short cut. The “short cut” was an active logging road, but, the user must have a VHF radio tuned to a certain frequency. It’s the same frequency all the logging trucks and heavy equipment uses on that particular road. Might not sound like a big deal, but there is plenty of blind corners and the road was only wide enough for one vehicle. I’ve heard horror stories of vehicles being run off the road or the side of a vehicle getting mangled by the snow chains on logging trucks. I take my time, call out on the radio every 5 km and go wide on the corners.

Once, arrived, the car must be unloaded. The first trip in, via snowmobile has the essentials, like food, beer and gas. It’s best if everything is stored in totes for easy transport. My good neighbor lends me their Pelican cargo sled. It locks into the redneck hitch and was easier to control.

More to come.


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