Mother Day Project- Re-paint Cedar Adirondack Chairs

11 May , 2015   Video

For Mother’s Day, my spouse wanted to get some much-needed chores finished around the house. One of them was to put a new coat of exterior paint onto some 10-year-old Adirondack chairs. Since these were some of the Cedar Workshop’s earlier designs, it was quite a task to pull them out from winter storage, wash, repair and put a new coat of exterior paint. My son was a big help.

We used an exterior rated paint by Behr. PREMIUM PLUS ULTRA® Exterior Satin Enamel. I have always liked Behr paints, even before Home Depot made the smart move and snapped up that line of paints back in the late 1990’s.

This video can be found on the new Cedar Workshop Shorts YouTube Channel. It will be another channel that will have short videos about odds and ends.


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