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Wood Stove Reco Fan Project (Build #1)

26 Nov , 2013  


For the last year or so, I’ve been puttering around with a wood stove fan.  The purpose of the fan was to push warm air to other parts of the room. It would be powered by a Peltier module.

Build #1
The first build, was a bit of a fail. It did generate some power, but not enough to turn the blade. Almost 90% the parts were gleaned from junk.

**Parts list:**
– Base: 4 pieces of 4″ long x 1-1/2″ aluminium angle iron
– Peltier module
– Thermalright CPU Cooler
– Small 12V DC motor from an inkjet printer
– 2 Prop blade cut from flashing
– hub, electrician tape

It was tested on a regular oven element. The motor didn’t turn. There was few volts, like .27, but nothing impressive. It was shelved for a year until more materials turned up.


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