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How to Make an Outhouse Less Stinky and Not as Full

30 Jul , 2014  

Not really an important topic to be discussed around the dinner table… but, when your bathroom consists of an outhouse, having it function properly can make you stay at the cottage or cabin more enjoyable.

In this video, I show how the outhouse privy pit was flooded with lots of lake water pumped through a water pipe. The goal is to fill the hole up and then wait a few hours for the human waste slowly settled and sink down to the bottom of the pit.

To make this fairly easy and low-budget task, you will need a lot of water flowing in. (We tried a garden hose but it did not really work.) So, I searched under the cabin and found some leftover pieces of 3/4 inch PVC pipe. Ended up using 3 pieces of 10 foot lengths that were just jammed together. A piece of electrical conduit was used for the elbow. For the “Tootsie Roll” blaster, a 3 foot section of PVC pipe was added to create downspout.

It worked awesome! Lots of water pressure, plus it moved the material around. A long handle shovel was also used it to agitate the material and break up the chunks.

After a matter of minutes, you could see the material move around and start to settle.

After a couple of days, the human waste dropped to nearly 5 feet and was at the same level as when we bought the cabin.

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