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Upgrading Floating Swim Platform Project

23 May , 2013  

The 20-year-old floating swim platform was starting to show its age. The 8′ x 12′ platform was used for docking boats, swimming and the morning coffee. Constructed from three 14″ dia. by 12′ long spruce logs. Empty 5 gallon water buckets helped with the flotation and three sheets plywood were used for the deck. Once the ice receded, our neighbour commented that it was in sad shape. The nails were popping out of the weathered plywood and it was becoming difficult to walk on. So, we drove up on a Friday night and started to work on it right away. After stumbling around in the dark with head lamps on, a bunch of 8′ long 2″ x 6″ cedar decking boards were laid down and secured with 3″ stainless steel screws through the plywood to the logs underneath. In addition, 6″ galvanized lag screws were ratcheted in every 24″. (note: It was a little tricky to not drop the cordless drivers into the lake). The next day, I got up early and put a coat of Red Label Penofin Rosewood Oil to give the cedar planks some UV protection. After a couple of hours, it was ready for the morning coffee and swimming in the summer.
I apologize for not have more step-by-step pictures. We were rushing around at night and my camera did not have a flash.

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