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Create an Ice Melt Sausage from a Pantyhose!

12 Mar , 2014  

Ice-meltIf you live in a cold climate, ice dams on roofs can cause leaking. In our case, we share our roof with our next doors neighbour. The style of roof, called a butterfly, doesn’t do well with water run off in the spring. A “dead valley” was created in the middle. Water starts to pool from the heat inside the cabin. We do have a small trickle, but luckily, the walls are made from solid cedar logs and runs down the wall to a small hole in the floor.

It’s an ongoing problem until we add a cricket roof between the two structures and change the roofline.

The Ice Melt Sausages helped melt a channel through the ice and divert the water out of the dead valley and off the roof.

The idea was sourced from,,211604,00.html


Music credit: Grange Party, by Huma-Huma, YouTube Audio Library and Strange Ways, by Silent Partner, YouTube Audio Library

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