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Costco LED Shop Light Unboxing and Tested Off-Grid

1 Oct , 2015   Video

For the past year, I have searched for an efficient, bright and cost-effective way to add light to the off-grid workshop. The local Costco had a stack of LED shop light boxes on one of the aisles for $49.99. (Not on the Canadian Costco website). The lights were $10 cheaper than the Home Depot’s LED shop lights. The box claimed it starts up instantly when it’s cold and only uses 32 watts a power. Excellent! This would be perfect for the future workshop and hopefully they work off the 12-volt inverters. The LED shop lights was purchased and then taken up to the cabin the following weekend.

The box is not very big and easy to open


Carefully cut the factory wrapping with an Exacto knife.


Read the instructions for installation and piece of mind.


The LED shop light are basically ready to go. Just need to attach the supplied links into the ceiling joist. Then insert the shop light, factory installed hooks into the links. Note: The hooks do not rotate.


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