Mother Day Project- Re-paint Cedar Adirondack Chairs

11 May , 2015   Video

For Mother’s Day, my spouse wanted to get some much-needed chores finished around the house. One of them was to put a new coat of exterior paint onto some 10-year-old Adirondack chairs. Since these were some of the Cedar Workshop’s earlier designs, it was quite a task to pull them out from winter storage, wash, repair […]

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Make a “Money” Costume for Halloween

31 Oct , 2013  

Need a quick costume for Halloween or a party? Check out this costume whipped up the night before Halloween. It’s work safe and quite popular with the accounting department. The materials consisted a bunch of 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 dollar fake bills, scissors, hot glue, a shirt and pants. Fairly easy, inexpensive and […]

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Upgrading Floating Swim Platform Project

23 May , 2013  

The 20-year-old floating swim platform was starting to show its age. The 8′ x 12′ platform was used for docking boats, swimming and the morning coffee. Constructed from three 14″ dia. by 12′ long spruce logs. Empty 5 gallon water buckets helped with the flotation and three sheets plywood were used for the deck. Once […]

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