Rant: STIHL (Canada) Is Not up to the Cut

30 Sep , 2015  

My family was heading from the West Coast of Canada to London, Ontario to visit my folks and sister. When I looked up London on Google for road directions and places of interest, it mentioned the head office for STIHL Power Equipment was located just south of the city. The website¬†even had a special web […]



Rant: Ad Blocking is Not Good For the Small Blogs

23 Sep , 2015  

With the rise of the Ad Blocking extension to browsers, I have decided to remove all the ads off the www.cedarworkshop.net¬†Blog. I know 90% of my viewers and subscribers will be happy with this move. Online advertisements are annoying, the ads block the flow of the story and the reader has to scroll down to […]

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