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How to Make a Sidewalk Chalkboard Sign

7 Jul , 2014   Video

The following video will show a beginner how to make a sidewalk chalkboard sign. A sidewalk or sandwich board is a type of advertisement composed of two boards that lean inwards at the top (like a letter A) Very portable and can be carried by one person. These nifty signs are used to advertise products […]

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Fathers Day Give-a-away by SolarShedParts.com

17 Jun , 2014  

This is a Fathers Day give-a-way by fellow YouTuber, SolarShedParts.com. Subscribe and share the video to enter. SolarShedParts.com has some great videos about DIY solar panels and testing out products/ideas in his shed. His videos are really helpful for small cabins and cottages. I wanted to help and donated one of the prizes: 70 pieces […]

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The Manly Man Weekend

16 Jun , 2014  

The long weekends have always been the cottage or cabin season opener. That’s when the ice has finally melted and moved off the lake. Most of the snow is gone and the recreational home is prepared for the summer. Lucky for me, a bunch of pals offered to give a hand and make this transition […]

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The Trusty Table Saw

21 Apr , 2014  

Wow! This is the 100th published video on the Cedar Workshop channel. Can’t believe it’s come this far. I’ve racked my brain to come up with a special nogalistic video based on short clips of the last 100 videos, but to be honest, it took too long. So, I went back to the roots and […]

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Trading the Trusty Table Saw for a 1930’s Frost King Ice Box

18 Apr , 2014  

Took one for the team, and traded my trusty table saw for an 1930’s Frost King Ice Box. For the last year, we’ve been searching for one of these old school refrigerators. How they work is quite basic, a large chunk of ice would be put in the top and the cool air would filter […]

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Part 2- Going Off Grid for March Break- Hauling wood, Tour du Cabin & IKEA LED Lights

14 Apr , 2014  

Part 2 of the Going Off Grid for March Break Series Earlier in the month of March, headed up to the family cabin high in the mountains. It’s always easier if one person goes up first, starts a fire, unpacks and knock a few chores off. Then, when then the rest of the group arrives, […]

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Part 1- Going Off Grid for March Break- The Drive, First Trip In and Making Fire

3 Apr , 2014  

This video is typical outing to a cabin/cottage located deep in the woods. For many people who are lucky have remote places, the procedure of hauling stuff in from the main road is normal. Earlier in the month of March, I headed up to the cabin, to get things ready for a family week-long stay. It’s […]

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Create an Ice Melt Sausage from a Pantyhose!

12 Mar , 2014  

If you live in a cold climate, ice dams on roofs can cause leaking. In our case, we share our roof with our next doors neighbour. The style of roof, called a butterfly, doesn’t do well with water run off in the spring. A “dead valley” was created in the middle. Water starts to pool […]

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A Rare Visit from a Winter Weasel

6 Feb , 2014  

The weather has been really cold up at the Cedar Workshop. After a few hours messing around with a wind turbine mount (off camera), I headed in to have a coffee and warm up. Heard a shout from the front door and my spouse spotted a winter weasel sneaking around the fire pit. Weasels or Ermine, […]

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Update to the Wood Stove Reco Fan (Build #2)- Works Like a Dream!

9 Jan , 2014  

A short video of the wood stove fan made from recycled parts (Reco Fan). Over the holidays, we had it working for 10 days straight on the wood stove. Worked awesome and even managed to push some warm air. The aluminum heat sink on the bottom did a good job absorbing the wood stove heat […]

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A Present from YouTube Fans and Subscribers to the Cedar Workshop

6 Jan , 2014  

This video was about a fantastic present from all the fans and subscribers. Because of a few clicks on the Google ads and a Google AdWords campaign, it has generated a few dollars to go towards a snow blower. The Cedar Workshop test facility is located on the top of a mountain and far away from […]

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Make a “Money” Costume for Halloween

31 Oct , 2013  

Need a quick costume for Halloween or a party? Check out this costume whipped up the night before Halloween. It’s work safe and quite popular with the accounting department. The materials consisted a bunch of 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 dollar fake bills, scissors, hot glue, a shirt and pants. Fairly easy, inexpensive and […]

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How to Build a Log Archway and Cedar Boxes

27 Sep , 2013  

Had a wonderful opportunity to work on a different project for a wedding. An out-of-town bride and groom wanted to be married under an archway made of logs. So, to get started, a reference photo was emailed from halfway around the world and the bride asked to have it ready for their wedding in a […]

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