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Build a Wind Turbine from a Cordless Drill/Driver

15 Mar , 2013  

The goal was to build a wind powered generator from a cordless drill. It could be used to charge up a battery. The battery could then be hooked up to a light bulb from a car or a string of LED lights. Handy for a shed, outbuilding, pump house, boat, small room or workshop. The video just covers the basics and like many of the Cedar Workshop videos, it’s for learning and having fun.

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A neighbour gave me one of their 12 volt cordless drills. Eventually, the batteries lost their charge and had to purchase a new battery from the hardware store. But, as usual, a newer model was on the shelves, this model of drill and battery was discontinued. After watching another video done by Doug Daniels, I decided to take the drill apart and see if I could make a mini wind power generator.

Started out removing the leads to the trigger, made a hub from a 4-1/2″ v-belt pulley, attached blades, and ran some drill press tests. The factory gearing on the small DC motor presented some interesting results. To simulate a high-speed wind turbine, the cordless drill was attached to a drill press running at 792 rpm. The results were interesting. The low (driver setting) produced 4+ amps and just over 18 volts, but was hard to turn. The high-speed setting (for drilling) produced a low 6 volts and a dismal .8 amps.

 The next step is add a rudder, mount it to a pole and get some real world feed back.




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