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Build #4- Gear System for the Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Project

1 Oct , 2014  

Blender-gear-systemOnce again, I was at the local recycling centre taking some newspapers and cans back. Spotted a discard base to a food blender in a pile of rubbish. A light bulb went off in my head and I remembered that the coils in a blender were normally always made for actual copper and not aluminum strand coated in copper. Plus, it was the size of gauge of wire for the fourth VAWT build. Sweet!

Later on that night after family chores, headed out to the shed to take apart the blender and see what parts can be harvested. Took a few screws out, opened up the underside and slide out the motor and gear system. Managed to wiggle and pry out the two copper coils. They were in good shape and the wires were not damaged. They were put aside and I took a look at some of the other parts. I was starring at the gear system and noticed how the gear reducer was neatly packaged up in a plastic container and fixed to the base.  Started to visualize how it could be used in a VAWT. It looked like a better set up than the breadmaker gear system. Plus, a homemade axial flux generator or a start PMA (treadmill motor) could be attached to the shaft. So, looks like I have another project to hack and modify for the VAWT build.

hard-drive-magnetI have also been spending time on the hard drive magnets attached to the saw blade. Went through a stack that my buddy from solarshedparts.com sent a box of 20 and a bunch from. First,  the magnets have separated into three different sizes. It’s a difficult process, because they want to stick to everything metal. It’s easy to get your fingers pinched.

Next, put the magnet and the backing part into a vice. Take a pair of vice grips and bend the metal. The magnet should break free of the factory epoxy.

Next, arrange them on the saw blade in a north, south, north, south configuration. (Note: each magnet has a north on one side and south on the other.) I made a mistake and assumed the shiny side had the same configuration. It’s not so. Double check with another magnet.

Use epoxy to seal and secure the magnets down to the saw blade. Magnets-on-saw-bladeThe local dollar store sells it for about $2.00.





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