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Advice for a Vise

29 Apr , 2014  

Advice-for-a-vise-484Have a new addition for the workshop. Two, large bench vises. In great condition. Found a huge 6″, heavy-duty, American made bench vise on Craigslist. The seller, was located out in the countryside at a retirement community. The older gentleman, who was selling it, had moved from a larger home with workshop to a smaller home. Unfortunately, he didn’t have a workshop at the new place. He only wanted $40.00 for it. Which I thought was a great price. I’ve looked at the prices range from $60.00 – $180.00. It was only a 45 minute drive from our place, plus I could pop by and visit a recently retired friend of the family. As we met up and I told our friend of my find, he said he had an extra older bench vise in his workshop and was welcome to have it. Wow! That was super generous.

But, since, I made arrangements to look at the other bench vise, I wanted to follow through. So our friend of the family, came along for the ride. (Plus he had a sweet Ford F250 that was totally dialled in, big lift and lots of power. It was a fun drive to the older fellows place).

Anyway, arrived at the retirement community and the Craigslist bench vise was in awesome shape. Couldn’t pass it up. I forked over the $40.00 and picked it up.

So, in a nutshell, I’ve waited about 5 years for well-made bench vise and in the end, I gained two (plus the original 3″ swivel).

Hope the video isn’t too boring and thanks for watching.


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