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A Tree’s April Fools Trick

4 Apr , 2013  

Tree cutThings don’t always go as planned.One of the trees close to the lake was rotten on the inside. The best time to trim trees is in the early spring before the ice thaws on the lake. The plan was to drop the tree on the lake and then buck it up in smaller pieces. Parts of the tree would be reused as timber for the dock and smaller logs for the wood stove.

Lodgepole Pine trees are difficult to cut. All the branches, needles and weight is at the very top, which can dictates the direction it was going to fall. For the first cut, did a generous open notch to about the middle of the tree. The second cut came down on a 60 degree angle on the opposite side. It should have fell on to the lake… The good thing was I managed to turn off the saw and not pitch the bar (chain/blade) when it fell.

Filming credit: My 9-year-old son (from a safe distance)

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