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A Rare Visit from a Winter Weasel

6 Feb , 2014  

A-visit-from-a-winter-weaseThe weather has been really cold up at the Cedar Workshop. After a few hours messing around with a wind turbine mount (off camera), I headed in to have a coffee and warm up. Heard a shout from the front door and my spouse spotted a winter weasel sneaking around the fire pit. Weasels or Ermine, are normally brown in the summer, but in the winter, the fur turns white to blend in with the snow.
Since these little mammals move so quickly and hard to distinguish from the scenery, it’s a treat to see them.
Good to have around because they eat mice and rats.
It was quite curious when I came out of the cabin. In the last 10 seconds (when the weasel was on the stairs) it was only 8 feet away. Quite a curious little mammal.


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