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A Present from YouTube Fans and Subscribers to the Cedar Workshop

6 Jan , 2014  

Thankyou_Thumb456This video was about a fantastic present from all the fans and subscribers. Because of a few clicks on the Google ads and a Google AdWords campaign, it has generated a few dollars to go towards a snow blower.

The Cedar Workshop test facility is located on the top of a mountain and far away from any active roads or snow removal services. On average, it gets about 4 – 10 inches of snow in an overnight snow storm. Over time, the snow compacts down and it gets quite heavy to move. With the aid of a snow blower, it makes it a lot easier to clear a path. Now less physical energy can be spent on digging out snow and get back to projects.

A BIG thank you to all fans and subscribers to the Cedar Workshop YouTube Channel. We appreciate the interest and love to share ideas.

Feel free to comments and/or make suggestions for future videos.

Music credit: Uptown by Topher Mohr and Alex Elena, YouTube Music Library and Strange Ways by Silent Partner, YouTube Music Library

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