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A New Cabin Truck… 2006 Dodge Ram 1500 SLT 4×4

5 Dec , 2015   Video

We now have a truck! (finally). With aid of my father-in-law’s salesmanship, we now own an used, 2006 Dodge Ram 1500 SLT, Quad Cab 4 x 4. Sweet!  We have been wanting a truck for a while, but the cost versus quality never arose. We had friends offer vehicles, but they were on their last legs and I didn’t need another problem to repair. My father-in-law friend was downsizing and didn’t need another large vehicle. Even though it’s just a truck, it will make transporting lumber and plywood so much easier.  Plus, traveling on the back roads during a freak winter storm will not be so nerve racking.

Since the weather conditions can change by the hour, I purchased a used set of studded Cooper Arctic Claw XSI Snow Tires and had them installed on the truck. The tires are huge, 275/60/20. When standing next to the tire, the height is easily 42″. We are quite pleased that it will make the long journey so much safer, under any condition. 


The next step is to look at a tonneau cover or a canopy. My spouse will want to transport wedding items for an event and it’s a good feeling that it can be locked up. I’ve looked around on the web and used prices are around $500 for a canopy in good shape. For now the next couple of months, we will use big plastic totes for clothes and food items. Al least there is lots of room.


A few other items on the list is an LED light bar and a heavy-duty winch. Still way out of the budget, but maybe in time. I don’t want to get off track from the Cedar Workshop projects.

I’ll keep you posted on the projects.

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