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A Good Windy Day for VAWT Testing: Build #3 of VAWT Made from Wood Siding

5 Oct , 2014  

Scott-working-on-vawtFor the last couple of months I wanted to test out the VAWT made from wood siding. I was curious if it would generate any power. But, as always, there was always something more pressing to be finished first.
Finally, during a weekend I was finishing up the deck project, the wind was really blowing. Thought it would be a good time to test out the turbine. So I took a few hours off and put it up on the roof of the cabin. (It would have been better on top of a tree, but did not have the resources or time.)
It was easy enough to attach the turbine, but the pulley system was difficult to attach. The pulley was either misaligned or really taught. It only spun when there was a big gust of wind.
I wanted to hook a multi meter up to a rectifier, but it was evident it would not turn freely in low wind. What a bummer! It probably would of worked better higher up in the trees.
The results were a mixed, it worked great on its own in the wind, but the pulley system was just not working well.

Back to the drawing board.IMG_4158

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