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4 Day Mini Laundry, Washer and Dryer Project

19 Jun , 2013  

IMG_4730This project takes place on the home front. Had to work through the weekend and get the space ready for the new stacking washer and dryer unit.

Since the 10 year Kenmore washer packed it in and we live 90 percent on the second floor of our home, we decided to move the laundry units upstairs. After good reviews by Consumer Reports, we went with a Samsung Washer and Dryer. They were to arrive on the Wednesday, so it left me 4 days to get the mini laundry room finished.

Earlier in the month, the bathtub, old drywall, subfloor and rotten 2″ x 4″ were removed and the framing was completed by myself. Decided to contract out the plumbing and wire to a professional. I don’t have the time or the skills and I have a few good friends in assorted trades and it was time to call in some favours. So, after the electrical and plumbing contractor left, I had exactly 4 days to get the room ready. The “to do” list was: finish framing new walls, plumb washer (contractor), wire for dryer/washer (contractor), install dryer vent through ceiling and side of house, mount drywall, tape and mud seams, sand, a coat of primer, paint (if time), washer pan and install vinyl plank flooring.

It was not a fun project, but, not all projects are.


IMG_4712 IMG_4710 IMG_4708 DSC01750 DSC01747 IMG_4701

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