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Power generation,Wind Turbine Projects

Roof Ice Does a Number to the Small Wind Turbine Tower

26 Feb , 2015  

Roof-ice-bends-tower-600 Never know what to find when you arrive to an off grid property. Drove up with the family on Friday night and saw the small wind turbine tower was at a serious list to one side. Didn’t see damage from a tree branch or a broken guy wire. The small tower is located on top of the bunk house. What had happened was the ice on the roof was melting and slowly creeping off. A portion of the roof snow (like an iceberg) had grabbed a hold of a guy wire and was tugging it in one direction. I managed to knock off a large chunk of snow and ice without falling off the ladder or breaking window below. The next day, I went back and straightened out the tower and added another guy wire. It’s good for now, but changes will be made for next years winter.


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Power generation,Wind Turbine Projects

Finding a Location for the Big Turbine Tower- Part 1

23 Feb , 2015  

Location-for-wind-Turbine Finding a suitable location for the big (600 watt) wind turbine tower has been an ongoing project.  One of the main problems is our location was surrounded by 40 foot tall trees.
I also want it relatively close to the cabin for security reasons and close to the deep cycle batteries.
In a previous video, I mount the tower to the side of the cabin, but the sound of the vibrations was way to loud. The next step was to mount it on top or right next to the new deck, but my spouse said it was an eye sore. The next idea was to mount it on the side of a large tree

The tower is made from two 10′ long by 1′ in diameter water pipes.

All the construction materials are from other projects or recycled material.

Feel free to makes suggestions.

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