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Rant: STIHL (Canada) Is Not up to the Cut

30 Sep , 2015  

My family was heading from the West Coast of Canada to London, Ontario to visit my folks and sister. When I looked up London on Google for road directions and places of interest, it mentioned the head office for STIHL Power Equipment was located just south of the city. The website even had a special web page inviting customers to come for a visit. It’s located under Corporate-> Contact Us -> Your route to STIHL. Great! It would be cool to drop by for a visit. I considered myself a connoisseur of well-made equipment (Even though I only possess a few machines). So, in a nutshell, I was thrilled to go for a tour. The trip was at least 3 weeks away, so why not shoot them an email and see if a visit/day/time could be arranged? An email was sent to 3 Weeks went by and no answer. Flew out to London, had a great visit with family and came home.
A few days later, I sent STIHL Canada a follow-up email and mentioned how I was disappointed there was no response. Guess what, someone responded! I was given a generic reply… “sorry for missing your message and next time when you’re in London, drop by for a visit” Really! Maybe in 4 years. Flights in Canada are really expensive. The distance we flew was equivalent to Seattle, WA to Detroit, MI, at $740/person return. (It cost us more money to fly to Ontario than it would to fly to Hawaii.)
The generic reply really ticked me off. It’s typical, “copy and paste” reply for social media. A quick answer to make the customer go away. When it comes to social media, you have to engage your customer and reply within 24 hours of a question. Always follow-up and offer alternatives. For example, I missed the chance for an in-person visit, but, maybe there was a special event, like a tool tradeshow happening nearby. It would be handy to know for the customer and an opportunity for the retailer to get to know the customer. It’s a simply marketing technic, drill down and gather more data. Maybe even generate a future sale.


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STIHL 011 AVT Chainsaw Problem- Part 2

21 Sep , 2015   Video

STIHL Fix 2 With fall approaching now is a good time to get chainsaws tuned up and ready. Thought I would take another stab at getting the STIHL 0011 AVT arborist chainsaw working. Really like the small chainsaw. You can use it for an hour and it doesn’t tire you out. the power to weight ratio was excellent.  The originally came from a neighbor that I had helped move. It started  up just fine after sitting for a few years in his storage shed. I used it for 2 years and it then just stopped running. It would start and then just bog out.
The first thing I did was take it to an STIHL dealer. The staff was helpful and polite, but the service person comments the fix would cost more than what the saw was worth. This was a real blow. I really like this saw, but to be turned away from a certified STIHL dealership? Geez!
Well, there is always a bright side. Make a video, post it on YouTube and maybe on of the viewers can offer a hand. First video found here:

In this video, the fuel filter was removed from the fuel tank. Used a forsnips to extract the fuel line and car remove the filter. Also take a look at the exhaust port and the route for spark plug wire.

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Spring Break Tree Clean Up

26 Mar , 2015   Video

Had some time off during Spring Break in March.  Decided it was a good time to remove some trees that were diseased and to close to cabin.

Side note: Personally, I don’t like to cut down trees, I like the shade and privacy they offer. But these were too close to the structure and could come down in a wind storm. 

My good neighbour, who had more experience with these type of trees, came over and gave me a hand felling the trees. He had a just sharpened, sweet Stihl MS-241 that just cut through the trees like hot knife through butter.

After the trees were cut down (off camera), my task was to the de-limb the branches. It’s a time consuming process of cutting and dragging away the branches. If you are lucky enough to have a helper, it goes much quicker.

Once all the branches are removed, the logs are easier to move around. The plan was to drag the logs up the hill and cut the logs up. They will then be stacked for the summer and dried.
The key to cutting firewood, is to not move the logs or piles more than you need to. Very labor intensive for one person. I prefer to cut the logs in an area where there is a lot of foot traffic. The wood shavings from the chainsaw makes the ground less dusty, holds the moisture in the dirt and is nice to walk on.

In the next video, the logs will be dragged by a powered winch to a landing and processed into firewood or timber for building. I’ll talk about  a DC Powered winch-in-a-bag by Mastercraft

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