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The Big Splurge: Snowmobile Dollies

10 Mar , 2015  

I normally like to make everything I use, but I saw this snowmobile dolly set on sale and I couldn’t pass it up. These are small platforms with wheels. They are put under the skis and track of a snowmobile. It makes it a lot easier to move around a 500 pound beast of ATV. Plus, you can use up every inch of space in your garage for storing season off-road vehicles.

The 3 PC snowmobile dolly set retails between  $49.00 – 89.00 for a set. I picked it on sale for $29.99. Available at Princess Auto and Canadian Tire. In the USA and other countries, vehicle dollies from Harbor Freight Tools in the USA will work too.

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Hauling, digging, etc,Transportation

How Not to Transport a Ladder with a Snowmobile

12 Feb , 2015   Video

Spent a few days up at the cabin messing around with projects. The weather was quite mild and it made it easier to get outside projects finished. One of them was to go up on the roof and remove snow and fix a leak. I needed an extension ladder to get on the roof safely. Had a spare 30-foot extension ladder at home, so it was brought up to the cabin.  The drive up was quite loud with the wind whistling over the ladder on top of the car. (Must of scared away all the deer in the area!)

Since the main roads were covered with “Black Ice” (that’s ice that can’t be distinguished between the road or water) the drive took a lot longer and I arrived late at night. My family and I decided to walk in and then come back the next day to haul the reminder of supplies in. It’s not always easy to get all your materials onsite. In the winter, everything has to be transported in using a snowmobile and a cargo sled. The object is to make as few trips as possible.

I had to transport a large container of firewood, flooring, lumber and an extension ladder all at the same time. With a bad snow storm approaching, I didn’t have a lot time, so I quickly tied everything on and hoped that it didn’t fall off or get stuck in the forest.

The trail I took started through a driveway that was a solid piece of ice. It was a little tricky to drive through, the cargo sled would move left or right depending on the terrain. Once I got to the trail, it was covered with four feet of snow, but packed down. I had to navigate through the trees and over stumps. A little challenging at times, because you don’t want to catch a ski on a branch or fall into the soft snow near the base of a tree. Managed to hit only one tree with the end of the ladder. It happened on a tight turn and the ladder was sticking out. The bump actually help straighten out the ladder on top of the load.

After few minutes of careful navigation, the snowmobile and cargo made it to the front door. But due to a pile of snow, all the weight slid to one side and the load toppled over. Well, on the bright side, nothing was damaged and I made it to the front door.

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A Neighbours New Years Gift – 1978 Ski Doo 300 Citation Snowmobile

22 Jan , 2015  

This a follow-up video to Snow Blowing in Winter Wonderland. On New Years Eve, one of my neighbours, Mike, dropped by and mentioned he was really pleased the driveway was clear. He said he made it easier to get into his cabin. As a thank you, he gave our family, a fully functional, 1978 Ski-Doo 300 Citation snowmobile. He hadn’t used it for a while and wanted to give it to our kids. The amazing thing was, even though he hadn’t started it for 5 years, he put some fresh, mixed gas into the gas tank, primed it, pulled few times and it started. Wow! That was a totally awesome and a sweet New Year Eve’s gift. (Thanks Mike & Kim!)

I found this blurb from the website 1978_SKI_DOO_CITATION_APRIL_05_1_6A_PP2509_2
“Just introduced this month is the ’78 Citation 300 snowmobile by Bombardier under the Ski-Doo label. It is 329 pounds compared to the Olympic’s 386 lbs., and has more power in it twin 294 cc fan cooled Rotax engine than the Elan 250. The retail price is suggested at $1,445. The new sled has a 29-1/4 inch ski stance, is 90 inches long an overall height of 35 inches to the top of the windshield. It also has an alloy frame, Mikuni carb, rubber track with imbedded fibreglass rods, shocks for skis, disc brakes, and five gallon fuel capacity.”

This particular snowmobile may be a  little long in the tooth, but ideal for the kids to learn on. Mike said that it could barely reach 30 mph, but it was lightweight and easy for the kids to move.


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Part 2- Going Off Grid for March Break- Hauling wood, Tour du Cabin & IKEA LED Lights

14 Apr , 2014  

Part 2 of the Going Off Grid for March Break Series
Earlier in the month of March, headed up to the family cabin high in the mountains. It’s always easier if one person goes up first, starts a fire, unpacks and knock a few chores off. Then, when then the rest of the group arrives, spirits are much higher.
This video shows loading up the cargo sled with firewood, hauling it through the bush, tour of the cabin and then a little plug for IKEA LED lights.
Hope this series videos answers a few of the viewers questions.

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Link to the maker of the cedar cabin Pan-abode
Pacific North West USA:

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Heat and Cooling,Transportation

The Quest to Stay Warm- Hauling Firewood with a Snowmobile

30 Jan , 2014  

When living off the grid, the main source of heat is a wood stove. Having an ample supply of firewood is a must. Whenever I’m out on my travels, I keep a look out for a trees that would make ideal firewood. The other day, we passed a grove of pine trees that were damaged in a wind storm. There was many “standing dead” Pine trees, about 12″ in diameter. Lucky for me, they had just fallen and easily accessible.

Came back with the snowmobile and chainsaw and cut the trees into 4 and 12 foot long sections. I then used a plastic toboggan to transport the logs. Two 4 foot logs were on the bottom as base and a longer 12 foot log was stacked on top. The sled moved easily through the snow and it wasn’t a strain the snowmobile.

The logs were secured in with a bungee corded and towed for about 2 km (1.2 miles) back to the cabin. The logs were then hoisted, by hand, into a log cradle and cut up into small 14 inch long sections.


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