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Wind Turbine Projects

A Parcel of Goodies from YouTuber

29 Aug , 2014  

Screen shot 2014-08-29 at 10.36.49 AM This video is a shout out to

A few months ago, I received a present from and didn’t open it until now. It was a box full of hard drive, rare earth, magnets for the Vertical Axis Wind Turbine project. Sweet! Totally appreciate the effort and time involved stripping all those hard drives.

I’ll make sure to return the gift with some solar cells and EVA backing. Hopefully they can be used for another contest SolarShedParts puts on for their subscribers.

Be sure to check out YouTube channel and website.



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Generate Power from a Hockey Puck!

12 Apr , 2013  

hockey-puck-stator-title-sm1 This video was part of the Garage Door Motor Conversion for Wind Turbine series. Decided to make a stator out of a hockey puck. The stator (in this case, a hockey puck) was drilled with eight, half inch holes. Then 3 sets or rare earth magnets would be inserted into the holes. The modified stator would be insert onto a shaft and slid into the copper wire/housing.

When the shaft turns, like on a wind turbine, electricity will be generated.

This video will show you how to construct a stator from a hockey puck, but, other readily available materials can be used (wood, aluminium, etc).

Note: This was not a fail video. It was an inspiration to go back and fix some mistakes. Part 2 will be coming out soon with positive results.

Aces High Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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Power generation,Wind Turbine Projects

Garage Door Motor Converted to Produce Electricity

22 Feb , 2013  

IMG_4375 IMG_4355 Due to chilly weather, there’s been a gap since the last video. So, I decided to answer a viewers question and do a step-by-step about converting a regular AC motor to a generator. The motor in this video was from a 1/3 HP garage door opener. Someone¬†left it next to a municipal garbage can, expecting the city to dispose of it. It peaked my curiosity, so I took it home and see what’s inside. Thought maybe I could use some parts for wind turbine project. Inside was a treasure trove of parts, gears, light bulb mount, wires, relays, lugs and a worn out plastic worm drive, which was totally shredded.

For the conversion, the motor was opened up via three bolts and removed the existing stator from the half-inch shaft. Made a new two-inch stator out of wood. Four half-inch holes were drilled into the shaft and the N42 rare earth magnets where inserted. Used over the shelf epoxy to seal the magnets. Must be placed North, South, North, South, etc.
In Part 2- the stator will be Install, reassemble and tested on a drill press at the lowest setting (752 rpm).




Music credit:
Aces High Kevin MacLeod (

Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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