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Building a Plywood Battery Box (and Heavy Duty Stand)

30 Jan , 2015  

The video shows how to make a large, plywood battery box that will hold (10) 6 volt deep cycle batteries. The batteries are used to store DC electricity for a solar or wind turbine system.

Battery-Layout The plywood box measures 48″ long x 24″ wide x 15″ tall. It was made from one sheet of 3/4″ Oak plywood. To keep cost down, try to find damaged plywood, I picked sheet for $10.00 (regular price is $66.00 each)

In the past, I have built a smaller box for (4) batteries and it has worked out well.
Below is some of pictures of the build.

  • Cutting Diagram
    Cutting Diagram
  • Layout for batteries
    Layout for batteries
  • Wood stain
    Wood stain
  • Inside of box is primed
    Inside of box is primed
  • 6 Volt US Battery 145
    6 Volt US Battery 145

Part 1

Part 2 of this video series is found below

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