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Wind Turbine Projects

Part 1 of the Breadmaker VAWT Project – Pulley & Shaft

19 Feb , 2014  

Breadman Bread Maker TR-444

Breadman Bread Maker TR-444

It’s been almost a half a year since the last vertical axis wind turbine project and thought it was necessary for an update.
This particular project started with another gleaned treasure from the local dump: a Breadman Automatic Bread Maker TR-444. A bread making machine or bread maker is a home appliance for baking bread. The manufacturer label on the back, said it was rated for 600 watts.




Heater element for baking bread


Insulated rubber feet

Hmm! Probably some good parts: motor, heater coil, gears, copper wire for VAWT coils. I couldn’t wait to get inside and start harvesting parts.

Took it home, opened up the underside and discovered a cool gear ratio system with a rubber pulley and timing gear (see pic). After removing the housing, electronics, bread pan, heater element and controls, it gave me an idea to use the pulley/timing gear in a small VAWT. If I could somehow attach the wind turbine to the existing bread pan shaft and then to a cordless drill generator, it could produce some decent electricity? That will be in the next video.

Check out the Cedar Workshop Blog for updates, ideas and more pictures!


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Wind Turbine Projects

A Great Source of Copper Wire for Homemade Wind Generator

9 Oct , 2013  

DSC02246 DSC02247 A short video showing where you can find a good source of copper wire to make coils for a homemade wind powered generator.
The copper wire is found in regular household appliances like blenders, microwave ovens and old power tools. Try to find motors that use lots of power. For example, the blender I found used over 600 watts! It had really nice chunky copper wire.
Don’t be discouraged with get the layers of metal plates, it takes time. One method is to heat up the motor super hot and then drop it in a bucket of cold water. I tried doing that on my BBQ and didn’t really work. I was concerned that the enamel on the copper wire might melt off. I used a hack saw, drill, axe and attacked it in my vice. The whole process is like preparing a fish-eating, strip away the guts and bones to get at the meat inside.
Feel free to comment on what works
Music credit; Strange Days by YouTube music Library


Music credit; Strange Days by YouTube music Library

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