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A Few Tips on How to Use Spray Paint

30 May , 2014  

Tips-on-how-to-spray-paint2 This video will show step-by-step how to prep the surface painting and a few tips for a professional finish. For this project, materials required were two aerosol cans of Rust-Oleum Appliance Enamel, a Rust-Oleum Spray Grip, paint suit and mask. It only took a few days, but, the finish was worth it.

The project was to repaint an 1930s Frost King Ice Box. It was going to be used up at our cabin. Since the cabin is located off-the-grid and power is provided by a few solar energy, an appliance that doesn’t need energy to run it great.

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Trading the Trusty Table Saw for a 1930’s Frost King Ice Box

18 Apr , 2014  

Took one for the team, and traded my trusty table saw for an 1930’s Frost King Ice Box. For the last year, we’ve been searching for one of these old school refrigerators. How they work is quite basic, a large chunk of ice would be put in the top and the cool air would filter down. The melted ice water would travel by gravity down a tube to a basin underneath. Since it doesn’t consume any electricity or propane gas, it would be ideal for an off grid situation.
Now, what I have to do now, is cut some large chunks of ice from the lake and store them in saw dust under the cabin.

Music credit: Get Back, by Silent Partner, YouTube Audio Library

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