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Roof Ice Rips Off Water Supply Pipe

28 May , 2014  

Had another interesting surprise on the same weekend as the broken wind turbine tower. The 8 inch thick ice on the roof melted to a point that it let go and slid off. In its travels down the roof, it managed to rip off the water line. The water line carries water pumped from the lake into two, 55 gallon water tanks on the roof. This water is used for cooking and washing.
Even though the water line was secured to the blue barrels with a block of wood and hefty deck screws, the weight of the ice just rippedĀ it off. Luckily, no one was standing under the roof when the ice came off.

Watch the previous video “Pump Water from a Lake to a Cabin or Cottage” to see how the system was originally set up

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Create an Ice Melt Sausage from a Pantyhose!

12 Mar , 2014  

Ice-melt If you live in a cold climate, ice dams on roofs can cause leaking. In our case, we share our roof with our next doors neighbour. The style of roof, called a butterfly, doesn’t do well with water run off in the spring. A “dead valley” was created in the middle. Water starts to pool from the heat inside the cabin. We do have a small trickle, but luckily, the walls are made from solid cedar logs and runs down the wall to a small hole in the floor.

It’s an ongoing problem until we add a cricket roof between the two structures and change the roofline.

The Ice Melt Sausages helped melt a channel through the ice and divert the water out of the dead valley and off the roof.

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Music credit: Grange Party, by Huma-Huma, YouTube Audio Library and Strange Ways, by Silent Partner, YouTube Audio Library

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