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Shop Local for Better Prices on Nuts and Bolts

3 Oct , 2014  

langley-BC-Fastener-store-pic This is a plug for a local business that gave me some good advice and the prices were impressive. I didn’t get anything free, but I didn’t get gorged either. I don’t mind pay more for a better product, but nothing is worse than paying more a product (and think you got a good deal!) then find it somewhere else much cheaper. For example, I went to the big orange store and purchased (4) 1/2″ x 7″ hot dip galvanized, bolts for $4.69 each. The store only had four bolts in-stock and I took the last of them. The next day, I was talking to a neighbour about what I paid (at that time, I thought it was a good deal) and they said to check out BC Fastener and Tools (2000) Ltd. I dropped by the store nearest to my work and found the same bolt, manufacturer and size for $1.16! Wow! that was a difference of $3.53! That’s a huge saving, especially when I had to buy 13 more bolts. (13) x $4.69= $60.97 or (13) x $1.16= $15.08 That is a big difference!

It might sound petty to some people, but the $45.89 in savings, could go towards amping up the  deck project with some finishing touches. For example, add more boards to the stairs, LED lights on the railing or put the money towards another project.

It all adds up, shop around before you start a project.

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Buildings and Renovations

Epic DIY Deck Project 8- Rocking Out the Deck Rails

5 Sep , 2014  

Epic-DIY-Deck-8-thumb The Epic DIY Deck Project is almost finished. Had to finish off the deck railing, add a few more deck boards, stairs and finishing touches. Had the chance to head out to the cabin on the Labour Day Long Weekend. The focus was to get the railing completed and get some close-ups on some of the steps. Hopefully the video has answered any of my viewer questions. If not, feel free to give me a shout.

Also, I wanted to mention that the entire deck rail project, except for the handrail, didn’t cost me a dime. It was all scavenged from a massive back yard play fort I dismantled 3 years ago. Aside from the tear down time, space it took for storage, I saved over $441.00!

Here’s the breakdown:

(12) 2″ x 4″x 6′ Western Red Cedar Drilled Rail $9.66 each Total $117.00 (Free)

(6) Veranda Horizontal Rail Kit $54.00 each Total $324 (Free)

(7) 4″ x 4″ x 50″ Rail Post $8.00 each Total $56.00 (Free)

(2) 2 x 6 x 18′ Cedar top rail (Utility grade) $9.00 each Total $18.00 (Paid)

(50) 3″ Deck screws $8.00 (Paid)

(16) 3/8″ x 7″ Hot dipped Galvanized bolts Total $14.00 (Paid)

Note: I’m encountering problems with the exposure settings on the HD camcorder. Sorry, if some of video looks washed out.

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Buildings and Renovations

The Epic DIY Deck Project- Part 3- Installing Joists, Brackets & Blocking

10 Jul , 2014  

DSC00048 The good weather is finally here and most of the crisis projects were completed. Next on the list was the Epic Deck Project. It called that because it such a huge deck (24′ x 11′) and time consumer.
Since I work behind a computer for the day job. I really enjoy building something. I think it’s all the outdoor summer jobs that help out with times like this.
Anyway, once the work site was prepped with material, equipment set up and the plans consulted, the project start. After a few hours a structure started to take shape and it was really gratifying to see the deck take shape.
Also, I will add, I’m no expert, nor claim to be one. I’ve consulted with the building codes and have created a plan to follow. I wish I could hire someone to finish it off during the week, but the budget doesn’t allow a professional builder.
I’ll keep you posted with a few videos of the weekend builds.

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Buildings and Renovations

The Epic DIY Deck Project- Part 1- Planning and Digging Holes

21 Oct , 2013  

IMG_5012 The Epic DIY Deck Project was the process of building a huge 10 foot wide by 32 foot long deck by one person.
It was for our cabin (aka Cedar Workshop Test facility) in the boonies.

Since funds were low, and the place is way off the beaten path, a contractor could not be brought for this project. Hopefully, I can get it started and one of my neighbours will lend a hand for case a beer or homemade, strawberry Rhubarb pie. Read more here…

Music credit: Strange Days by YouTube Creator

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