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Making a Difference

9 Feb , 2017   Video

On a family vacation in Mazatlan, Mexico, my spouse suggested we do some volunteer work to help out others that are less fortunate. On the third day, we hooked up with a group from the La Vina Vineyard Church. It was a well organized group of people who get together, prepared lunches for over 300 people and then distributed them to those living in 3 local communities (first world residents might call them slums) as well as those working at the dump. What an educational experience!

But before we set out on this adventure, we brought down 16 bags of dry, hydrated vegetable soup in our luggage. One for each of the community centers /churches that the ministries operates in the surrounding colonias. Each bag will feed 100 servings, which they said will be served on Saturdays, when many of the local families come to the community center for church service, games and community meal.

It was an eye-opening experience and felt great making a difference less.

For more information or finding a La Vina Minstries in a community near you, go to:

Filling bottles with clean water.

Made over 300 sandwiches for adults and small children.

We brought over 50 lbs of dehydrated soup to be handed out.

I helped out with water bottles and witty jokes.

My daughter, in the purple, helped out with sandwiches for the kids.

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