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Off Grid Upgrade: The Quest for Running Water

18 Aug , 2017   Video

This project was started just after the roof ice ripped off the main water supply pipe.
Instead of replacing it and having the same problem again in a few years, I decided to take the water barrels off the roof and bring them inside and under the cabin.
Due to the lack of resources, I had to reuse all the existing parts. As I was fumbling around through the plumbing box of fittings, I figured I had enough stuff to upgrade the system and bring the water barrels under the cabin. One of the biggest advantages was running water could be utilized longer into the fall and cold months. When the barrels were on the roof, they were acceptable to cold nights where the temperature would drop down below freezing and pipes would crack.

I also had a decent RV water pump that could be plugged into the 1000 watt inverter on the battery bank. After 5 years, the system was coming together. It was a good feeling.

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Yellow Cedar Budget Box for Garbage

15 Aug , 2017   Video

The solar kiln for the firewood had to go. It did its job and dried the firewood, but now my spouse wants it gone. She now wants a bear proof box for the rolling green waste/garbage cans.

Since we get more bears at our city slicker homestead (go figure) it has to be a be sturdy, but budget friendly.

The plan was to build an enclosure on top of a pallet. It would hold two rolling styles of garbage cans.
This is my first time building a box to keep bears out.

In part 2 of the video series, the walls to the budget box were installed. The wood used was Yellow Cedar fence boards. The planks had a rough surface, but each board was a full 1″ thick by 6″ wide. Nice a sturdy.
I was planning on using an exterior grade plywood, but I could find enough scraps to clad the entire box.

Part 3– The doors were added with the black hinges and gate hardware. Also figured out how to add an easy access lid to the top.

For the latest project, check:
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Wedding Projects

DIY Mobile Shelves

12 Aug , 2017   Video

A video about how to make mobile shelves out of an IKEA shelf unit and a furniture dolly. A fairly easy project that will take a few hours, but the results are amazing. It makes it easy to move a major shelf unit around your shop for storing materials and it can be positioned close to your work area.
Feel free to check out the Facebook page for more recent updates.

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Wedding Projects

Portable Green Waste Processing Table

12 Aug , 2017   Video

What do you give a wedding florist for Valentines Day? Definitely not flowers! Been there and done that.
What my spouse needs an item that will make her life easier in her florist workshop. So the project for this week was to make a portable table that could support a bunch cutter (flower stem cutter), a bucket and a hole for the green waste/cuttings. It had to be not too heavy and could be moved around the shop. It also had to fit over a plastic garbage can.
The materials for this project consisted of some pieces of birch shelves, some screws and scrap wood.
You will also need a jigsaw, circular saw and a cordless drill.
Fairly easy and took about 4-hours to complete.



Making a Difference

9 Feb , 2017   Video

On a family vacation in Mazatlan, Mexico, my spouse suggested we do some volunteer work to help out others that are less fortunate. On the third day, we hooked up with a group from the La Vina Vineyard Church. It was a well organized group of people who get together, prepared lunches for over 300 people and then distributed them to those living in 3 local communities (first world residents might call them slums) as well as those working at the dump. What an educational experience!

But before we set out on this adventure, we brought down 16 bags of dry, hydrated vegetable soup in our luggage. One for each of the community centers /churches that the ministries operates in the surrounding colonias. Each bag will feed 100 servings, which they said will be served on Saturdays, when many of the local families come to the community center for church service, games and community meal.

It was an eye-opening experience and felt great making a difference less.

For more information or finding a La Vina Minstries in a community near you, go to:

Filling bottles with clean water.

Made over 300 sandwiches for adults and small children.

We brought over 50 lbs of dehydrated soup to be handed out.

I helped out with water bottles and witty jokes.

My daughter, in the purple, helped out with sandwiches for the kids.

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Wood Stove Generator – Part 1

15 Oct , 2016   Video

wood_stove_generator_part1_thumb The goal was to generate a few watts of power off a woodstove, to run a small water pump or charge a 12-volt battery.

Since I’m waiting for some parts for the Cowboy Hot Tub project, I thought I would mess around with some ideas of generating power from a wood stove. The video will be part of series. I have few concepts and need to test them out with the materials on hand.

I watched a few videos and figured out that it wasn’t the best method to making power, but with a strict budget and a few ideas, I might come up with a solution. The video will be part of series. I have few concepts and need to test them out with the materials on hand.
Thanks to the YouTube channels LasquetiDude and jack36202 for the concept.

Music credit: Mob_Battle, by Silent Partner.,

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